Our Mission

Our mission is simple — to help you capture, preserve, organize and enjoy your family's most valuable memories using archival best practices, methodologies equipment and supplies, employed by FA Logo professional archivists and museum experts from around the world.


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About Us

Our mission is simple — to help you capture, preserve, organize and enjoy your family's most valuable photos, papers, stories and mementos using archival best practices, methodologies and supplies. We know our advice and supplies are the best, because they're the same ones employed by professional archivists and museum experts from around the world.

At familyarchives.com we've forged partnerships with leading manufacturers of archival supplies to bring you institutional-quality materials, some of which have never before been available to individuals. High-quality materials previously offered for sale only to the professional institutions that protect and preserve presidential papers, museum collections and great works of art, are now available for you to protect and preserve your own family archive.

All of the advice and archival best-practices at familyarchives.com are free to use. We've spent thousands of hours working with professionals to develop this information because like you, we believe that family memories are worth preserving. We hope you'll find our advice useful for creating your own family archive.

Why FamilyArchives.com?


  • We work with professional archivists and historians to develop all of the information available through familyarchives.com, so that you're getting the best advice possible on how to preserve your family memories.

  • We provide free support and best practices to help families during national disasters by working with the media to disseminate valuable information on how to recover materials damaged in fire and flood.

  • We sponsor the family archives rescue project, an initiative founded by familyarchives.com to safeguard and reunite family histories that have been lost or separated.

  • We promote the archival profession to help people learn new ways to pursue their passion for preserving history, expanding interest in the profession and preserving generations of valuable materials.

  • We provide free materials to teachers to help students learn more about their own family histories, including oral history materials designed to enhance school curricula.

Creating a family archive is a rare opportunity to guarantee that future generations of your family will have access to the memories that make your family special.

Please contact us if there is any information you'd like to see on this website or if you have questions about familyarchives.com. Thanks for visiting!

Spring Sale


Keep your memories safe and sound with the same materials used by professionally-trained archivists, including:

  1. Document Boxes and File Folders
  2. Drop-Front Boxes
  3. Triangular Roll Storage Boxes
  4. Newspaper Boxes
  5. Bulk Storage Boxes
  6. Sheet Music Sleeves and Boxes
  7. Melinex Sleeves
  8. Map and Print Folders
  9. Poster Folders
  10. Archival Interleaving Paper
  11. Permalife Bond paper
  12. Bamboo Hake Brushes
  13. All-Stabilo Pencils
Record Sleeves

Record Sleeves

Protects sensitive recordings from scratches, abrasions and fingerprints.

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