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How to Organize Your Mementos

Artifact boxes come in all shapes
and sizes for all kinds of memories

It's important to organize your mementos and clothing into an accessible and usable archive, with a labeling structure that can grow and is adaptable over time. Many mementos, especially large or oddly shaped items, should be stored separate from your documents and photos. Textiles and clothing will often need large, specialized containers that are better stored in their own section of your family archive. Your labeling structure will help you connect different kinds of objects that go together. Start by organizing your mementos into groups.

You can arrange your mementos by:

  • Person

  • Timeframe (1960, 1970, 1980)

  • Events (weddings, vacations, births, graduations)

  • Activities (schools, jobs, organizations)

  • Clothing (wedding clothes, uniforms, baby clothes)

  • Three-dimensional collectibles (figurines, art, toys, dishes, etc.)

Once your items are grouped together, establish category descriptions for the groups and think about sub-categories or other ways to combine groups to make your organizational system as simple as possible. Then, when you pack each item into the appropriate archival box (see How to Preserve Your Mementos), you can attach a label to the outside of the box that will help you find the item in the future and connect each item to related materials of other kinds (photos, documents, etc.).

Helpful Hint: The key to establishing a naming structure is to use "high level" category descriptions that can be flexible over time and that enable you to add or delete items easily within the categories over time.

For example, you could choose a general category called "collectibles", and then include glassware and toys within that category:

a. Glassware (arranged by manufacturer)
b. Toys (general collection)

For another example, you could pack all the clothes in your family archive into one section, and then include a few special subcategories

a. Baby clothes (arranged by child)
b. Uniforms (arranged by year)
c. Designer dresses (general collection)

How to Preserve Your Mementos